Mike Geary Abs

Mike Geary Abs

Want Mike Geary Abs? Don’t we all! Do you think you will ever get to that point? I doubt it very much. Check out what wikipedia says ab exercise are right here. I can bet Mike has a few different opinions.

Statistics show that this style of a lean and muscular body is most liked by women and men. Compared to the body building style muscles Mike Geary’s abs and body is what most people want.

His body is similar in style to Tony Horton. Most people would prefer to be thin and muscular, than to be enormously bulky like a body builder.

The likelihood that you reading this right now to get abs and a body like this is about 1%. I’m just being honest. 99% of people who try to get in shape like this fail. It just doesn’t happen for them. It is too difficult to do on your own.